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Afternoon opens in Brooklyn soon with trendy Korean treats

Ramen-covered hot dogs, anyone?

A new food hall cafe hybrid is bringing a Korean food tour to Brooklyn, all in one space.

Afternoon, created by Group KFF, a New York-based Korean restaurant brand company, will offer several trendy Korean fast food spots in a new space in Williamsburg, at 148 N. 7th Street. Afternoon, which is truly the perfect stop for an indulgent mid-day snack, will house Jongro Rice Hotdog, Mochi Mochi Donut, Croffle Haus, EggLab and Brooklyn Roasting Company.

Not unlike picking a meal at a New York airport, Afternoon will have guests order food and drinks via touchscreen kiosks. Purchases will then be picked up from dedicated counters for each concept.

At Jongro Rice Hotdog, crispy, saucey Korean corn dogs are served on stick. Combination of cheese, crispy dips and toppings include the Sweet Potato Mozzarella Hot Dog (melted mozzarella encased in crispy sweet potatoes), Ramen Noodle Chips Hot Dog (beef dog inside a fried ramen shell) and Cheddar Cheese Hot Dog (beef dog with cheddar cheese inside the crispy exterior).

For breakfast all day, EggLab, a new concept launching at the new Williamsburg location of Afternoon, will serve up scrambled egg sandwiches with ham, bacon and cheese on buttered toast, plus coffee drinks from Brooklyn Roasting Company.

At Mochi Mochi Donut, you'll find flower-shaped mashups of Japanese mochi and American donuts. The bouncy, light and chewy treats come in flavors like matcha, black sesame, ube, milk tea, chocolate, coconut and more.

Croffle Haus’s namesake pastry, the croffle, a croissant and waffle hybrid, brings a buttery croissant to the waffle maker, to be filled or topped with anything from cheddar cheese to birthday cake frosting, cinnamon and diced apple or tiramisu.

Group KFF plans to open five locations of Afternoon in New York City and New Jersey this year, with the Williamsburg location opening on Thursday, September 16 and Queens and East Village outposts to follow.


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